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    The base of the machine consists of 3 rolls between which the workpiece is rolled. The machines are suitable for workpieces with different diameters.

    The lower rollers are driven by an electric motor with a preset duration and direction to imitate the felting process at its best.

    The upper roll is height adjustable, with which strengthening the pressure on the workpiece can be set. The GrooVi felting machine makes very little noise while processing.


    The GrooVi felting machines are easy to use and operate. The machine is connected to a standard power outlet of 230V and starts, right away or immediately after setting the timer, by pressing the “GO” button.

    The upper roll is adjusted and pressure can be set by using the crank on the side of the machine.

    Warranty conditions

    De Grood Metaaltechniek provides 1 year of warranty against manufacturing defects and faulty parts.

    Instruction video’s


    Possibilities with the GrooVi Felting Machines. The work you see below is made by Silk Felts’ Yulia Badian. More information about her work can be found at: http://www.silkfelt.com/ . Click to enlarge the picture.

    User manual